Not just a Filofax…

I thought my Filofax obsession had fizzled out after I fell down the rabbit hole and landed in the land of Midori Traveler’s notebooks.

Well, lo ‘n behold I was walking past my local charity shop and noticed the big sign on the door, Everything €1.

So, in I went squeezing my way through the shoppers and scanning the rails and shelves for anything eye catching when I heard one shopper call out to her friend, “Here’s a wallet… nah, it’s just a Filofax.” I quickly turned around to see where that voice was coming from and calmly strolled over to this shopper waving a brown coloured pocket sized Filofax at her friend. Her friend responded, “Who uses these things anyway? I have everything in my iPhone”

I waited ohhh ever so patiently

for her to put it down…it seemed like an eternity.

Then, she tossed it back onto the shelf and I nonchalantly picked it up and walked away.

I immediately snapped open the popper and looked inside, Greenwitch Made in Italy .

The rings were tight and the leather was well worn and buttery soft.

SOLD to me for one euro.


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