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Taking the mini out for a spin…

I have been wondering what to do with this Filofax mini Domino.

I had a small bit of gift wrap to square off and laminate into a dashboard.

I’m quite good at hacking and chopping a small Muji notebook then punching holes to fit this cute planner.

I kept the front and back cover because I love the natural and minimalist look of their notebooks.

I purchased this Filofax second hand in excellent used condition (EUC) from a seller on , included were a few inserts.

My plan is to move from my passport ZLYC Traveler’s notebook because it is too bulky to fit in the front pocket of my scrubs.


One thought on “Taking the mini out for a spin…

  1. Hi! Just found this post today, all late-like. LOVE seeing anyone using a mini, as it’s my favorite format. Yours is super-cute to look at! : )



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