No parking for cars here…

**warning:  This post contains my personal rants and ramblings of a cyclist in Dublin.  I admit cyclists are not perfect either, but this is my blogpost and I have the  freedom to write whatever I please**

I have been cycling to get to point A to Point B for almost 5 years.

In general, I have a mild to moderate dislike for taxi drivers because I am run off the cycling lane at least once a day. Fortunately, I am a careful and mindful cyclist which helps me stay safe on the roads.

A few weeks ago I cycled over to  The Constant Knitter and I was  absolutely delighted to see this bicycle parking rack directly across from the shop.

I love the fact that ONE car parking spot is taken away from the automobile driver and given to 10 cyclists. Dublin needs more of these to make this fair city bicycle friendly.



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