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The beauty of an A5 notebook

I am still undecided where I’ll write my Bullet Journal in 2017. Will it be in a Filofax or Midori TN? I want ONE place for my tasks and notes. I thought I would use this Rhodia  A5 notebook for the month of December because it ulis much lighter since my Filofax was adding a bit of weight to my handbag.

I’ve noticed that my Bullet Journal is very task oriented and very little planning is involved.

Although, I am inspired by the pretty and picturesque  layouts, I am a traditionalist at heart and keep to the original Bullet Journal format created by Ryder Carroll.

Who knows where the next stop will be since there are way to many options. I really must not fall down the rabbit hole of beautiful notebooks.

One of my favourite  notebooks in my collection is this A5 notebook, a gift from one of my colleagues.

It is my #rockyourhandwriting journal. 


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