Filofax Friday

Pantone 15-0343

Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute declares a particular colour Colour of the Year and

photo from

2017 is the year for greenery,  a natural shade of green which is symbolic of new beginnings.
 I am so excited to once again add this hue to my colour pallette. Let’s revive, rejuvenate and restore in 2017.

So this is the perfect year for my gooseberry Domino…

It may be battered, but I have a dashboard that would give a little life to  this old Filofax.

I have big plans for Gooseberry. I am using A to Z dividers to sort and file notes and preferences in my daily worklife. I need to be able to flick through my directory and find my  lists and notes.

As for this dilapidated pen loop, I’m open to ideas and hacks on replacing it.

I downloaded and printed the Philofaxy 2017 pullout and Mo1p diary inserts to get me started.

Which Filofax will you be using in 2017?


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