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Notebooks: A5 Filofax Flex

I received a purple A5 Filofax Flex for Christmas and it was the first time I ever laid my hands on this notebook cover by Filofax.

On tactile presentation, the cover feels very smooth, soft and leather-like.

It has a sleek  and simplistic look on visual inspection. I like the Filofax seal of approval stamped on the lower left corner of the back cover. 

A flip n floppiness  is noted when held open in my hand.

There are 6 card slots on the inside of the front cover and a slot to hold a jot pad on the back cover.

The two large external pockets are perfect for holding A4 sheets of paper folded in half. 

An elastic pen loop attached to a card can be slipped either on the left or right. 

It comes with a Filofax branded notebook and  a jot pad.

My plan for this notebook cover:

Remove Filofax notebook and replace it with a Rhodia dot grid notebook which I use as my personal goals life planner and journal.


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