Out with the old and in with the vintage. 

I am making the transition from using a ZYLC Traveler’s Notebook to a Greenwitch planner/organiser to track my work schedule and reference notes.

This well loved planner has an old and vintage look to it.

This Greenwitch is similiar to a pocket Filofax.  With the smaller ring size it is the same size and thickness as my passport Traveler’s Notebook. Therefore, meeting my criteria of slipping this notebook in the pocket of my scrub top.

I have been using the Bullet Journal system since August, but I was flipping through too many pages to find specific notes and collections in two separate inserts within the Traveler’s Notebook.

After much thought and evaluation of my needs, I decided to go back to the Filofax system of using diary inserts and an A to Z indexing.

I will give it a go a n d see how this works out…. 


2 thoughts on “Transition…

    1. Hello Heather Using this compact pocket is working well. It us definitely lighter and slimmer so it is perfect to slip it into my pocket and carry it around.


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