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Knit 1 Purl 1 for your Filofax

​I am a knitting Filofaxing  fanatic … so I couldn’t resist knitting a cosy sleeve for my Filofax Original.


Since posting a photo of my Filofax FO (finished object) on Facebook and Instagram,  I’ve had several requests for the pattern, which I named Colour Coordinates for the wide range of hues in the Filofax family and the coordinating colourways in yarn that you will find in two of my favourite LYS (local yarn shops), The Constant Knitter and This is Knit.

I used the purple hues in my yarn stash to knit a sleeve to protect it from the elements of my handbag.


Colour Coordinates is now available as a free pattern on Ravelry.


I would love to hear from you and what colour coordinate your chose for your Filofax.


2 thoughts on “Knit 1 Purl 1 for your Filofax

  1. Thank you! I gave up knitting when I got my kitten and now that she’s 11 it’s time to establish some ground rules about cat you’d and mommy’s yarn and needles *sigh* Again, thank you for the pattern.


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