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Je suis une Filofax Original…

Je suis une Filofax Original

I was Diane’s centre of the universe when she received me as a birthday gift two years ago. I never got tired of hearing her say “my Filofax this…my Filofax that…”

Then one day, she read a Facebook post about my rival, Midori Traveler’s Notebook. Diane spent more time looking at these MTNs instead of talking about me, her favourite personal Filofax Original.  I caught her online when she joined not one Traveler’s Notebook Facebook group but three. It was heartbreaking to see Diane fall down that rabbit hole.

One day last August, a package arrived, and jealousy had roared its ugly head when she unboxed a brown Midori Traveler’s Notebook.  IT was in ma maison. 

 Diane was spending  hours on end watching Traveler’s Notebook  set up videos on You Tube and chatting it up with other people who had Traveler’s Notebooks too. 

She reassured me and to the rest of the online community  that Midori TN was strictly her knitting and creative journal.

She lied, as I began to notice more of her time was spent shopping for notebooks instead of making laminated dashboards and dividers for me. 

Then one day, I felt a sadistic exhilaration when she hacked and chopped a couple of  Muji A5 grid notebooks with a rotary cutter and ruler. However, I soon felt deflated when Diane placed these downsized notebooks into this plain brown and floppy leather cover held securely with elastics!

She spent time way too much time watching some guy named Ryder Carroll on You Tube and setting up a notebook into this crazy thing called a Bullet Journal.  

Doesn’t she realise that life was easy the last two years ? All she had to do,  was walk into Easons and pick up her favourite  Filofax diary insert and slip them into my rings?

My worst nightmare came true, one day in November she removed the guts of my existence, the inserts and archived them in a box. Then, Diane placed me on a shelf, destined to watch Buffy the Family Cat lick herself clean for hours on end.


2 thoughts on “Je suis une Filofax Original…

  1. Brilliant! Sad too though & I hope that you get taken off the shelf soon.
    (I admit that I do like traveller’s notebooks too, but I always return to Filofax)


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