It’s not so bad…

Anyone who  knows me personally or follows my Instagram feed, is aware of my addiction to notebooks and writing instruments. 

I couldn’t contain my excitement when the The Constant Knitter posted the arrival of a the first of three bespoke knitting themed notebooks on Instagram.  This is a collaborative effort between RosemaryKieran Foley and notebook artisan, Sean of Badly Made Books.

I picked up a notebook  last Sunday, on first impression it looked and felt very nice in a simplist sort of way. 

The cover is a photograph of  High Seas, a lace shawl pattern by Irish knitwear  designer, Kieran Foley. The image is so clear and sharp, it gives the illusion that the lace pattern is knitted onto the cover. The subtle tactile texture of horizontal lines running across the cover screams out, quality.

The front jacket flap gives us an insightful profile of the collaborators.

There are twenty-six pages of plain 130gsm cartridge paper, made with 40% recycled content and is produced in the U.K . 

The book is binder together with  staples that look and feel like they came from my staple gun.

I don’t have many notebooks with unlined paper  due to my fear of  my penmanship drifting downwards towards the bottom of the page. However, I placed a line guide under one page and found the lines showing through were quite faint.

I started a pen & test page and the result was no show through with the pens that were used.

The back flap is a secreterial pocket which is perfect for tucking in your printed knitting patterns or charts.

Once the notebook is creased open, you will need to  train it to lay or close flat.

So,  I took to the knitting needles and made a book band with a pen holder.

In future, I would like to see dot-grid pages and knitters’graph paper. The possibilities are endless and Sean is open to customising the pages to suit the knitter’s needs. It would also make for an amazing notebook insert for an A5 sized Traveler’s Notebook.

Overall, it is a lovely novelty item to feed my notebook addiction and a place write my knit knotes. 

Disclaimer:  This is my personal review of this notebook. I purchased this product from the The Constant Knitter and have not received any form of payment for writing this blogpost.


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