Filofax Friday

One Book July 2017

This year, I’ve decided to try the One Book July challenge. I first learned about the challenge last year and thought to myself, I could never stick with only one book and one pen for the month of July. I never gave it a second thought until the hashtag onebookjuly appeared on my Instagram feed this past week. I clicked through the links, and found Rhomany’s Intro to #onebookjuly video on You Tube. 

I was very eager to join the challenge after viewing the video.  My interpretation of One Book July gives me gives me the flexibility to improve my productivity and achieve my goals.  Having no rules is a bonus as I set myself to  get back to the basics of a workable and effective planning system. 

Why such the interest in #onebookjuly? I seem to have lost the plot with my planning system. It’s chaotic when I have four notebooks open, eight pens and other distracting paraphernalia scattered on my desk, just to organise a week. One would think that I was planning an International Knitter’s Summit in Dublin ( oh how I wish).

This year’s theme, go big or go home is calling out to me.  I am going back home, to the one book that got me started, The Filofax.

I’ve pulled it off the shelf and culled my personal Filofax Original back to the bare minimum.

I have one ballpoint pen and added a Bic multicolour pen to use for colour coding. I also love my monthly dashboards.

As for the guts of the planner,  I have set up an adaptation of the 43 Folder System from  Alexis is aka Miss Trenchcoat’s video, How to turn a Filofax into a desktop filing system.  

I have two Filofax sleeves for an inbox and an outbox.

July monthly spread on two pages 

dividers for each week in July

pullout calendar for the remainder of the year

A to Z dividers for my filing system

I am looking forward to focusing on spending a month on implementing and evaluating a planning system that works for me.


4 thoughts on “One Book July 2017

  1. Hello, Interested in how you use your inbox and outbox plastic folders? Post its? Receipts? Can you give some examples? Thanks. MTC


    1. Hi Megan, I use it as you would use an old fashioned filing tray. For example, anything that I receive during the day like receipts, business cards, loose leaf notes, etc. go directly in the inbox. At the end of the day or first thing in the morning I will deal with each item. For example, receipts are filed in a monthly envelope, I bought tickets for a film for next week so I clipped it in my weekly section. I have a lottery ticket in my outbox so that I can claim my WINNINGS (free ticket )


  2. I am doing the same. Going back home, to the first planner who started me on the planning and it was a Filofax Malden. Like the way you set it up!


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