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One Book July Update

Fourteen days into the #onebookjuly challenge and I have experienced planner fail.

This lapse occurred first week of July, when I forgot to check the calendar section of my Filofax planner.  Consequently, I arrived at my workplace at the wrong time…. 5 hours early.  Once I recovered from this  facepalm moment, I routinely look at my calendar.

When I began this journey two weeks ago, I only had the bare minimum in my Filofax. 

A few days ago, I added next month’s calendar since a few events and appointments were noted in that first week of August.

I haven’t quite decided if I like the separate sections for every week of the month. However,  I added a large paper clip to the mix, and attached some loose leaf notes that I required my attention during the week.

The inbox and outbox pocket sleeves is working well for me since this task oriented routine keeps my notes and receipts organised.

One thing I noted during #onebookjuly is that my Filofax never came out of  in my handbag once I got home in the late afternoon. I am having a re-think of how to better utilise this planner system.


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