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One Book July Update

Fourteen days into the #onebookjuly challenge and I have experienced planner fail.

This lapse occurred first week of July, when I forgot to check the calendar section of my Filofax planner.  Consequently, I arrived at my workplace at the wrong time…. 5 hours early.  Once I recovered from this  facepalm moment, I routinely look at my calendar.

When I began this journey two weeks ago, I only had the bare minimum in my Filofax. 

A few days ago, I added next month’s calendar since a few events and appointments were noted in that first week of August.

I haven’t quite decided if I like the separate sections for every week of the month. However,  I added a large paper clip to the mix, and attached some loose leaf notes that I required my attention during the week.

The inbox and outbox pocket sleeves is working well for me since this task oriented routine keeps my notes and receipts organised.

One thing I noted during #onebookjuly is that my Filofax never came out of  in my handbag once I got home in the late afternoon. I am having a re-think of how to better utilise this planner system.


3 thoughts on “One Book July Update

  1. Well, for me You seem very new to planning routines, that entails a morning check of your planner plus one evening review/new day planning session. That would already give your brain the capacity to mentally prepare for the next day and refresh this day’s planning notes in the morning, so that you are very likely to know of your schedule during the day without even looking into your planner. At least this is my experience of successfully utilising my planner. Remember, a planner is just as good as your planning habits. In that kind of sense, Happy planning 🙂


      1. Hi Dee, good luck and even more so success with your routine work. All habits need some time of practise (and aha moments) until they stick. One statement of guidance says that you need 21 days of repetition and conscious effort to build a new habit. Yes, I also had my fair share of planning fails along the way which is normal. Very good to share your journey with others.


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