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A Badly stuffed TN

Do you remember my blogpost about Seán O Sullivan’s Badly Made Books?

Since that time, I have acquired the entire Kieran Foley Collection.

These three colourful knit themed notebooks have been waiting for just the right moment to enter into my planner world.

I wanted to keep all three together,  so I converted an A5 Filofax Flex cover into a Traveler’s Notebook. 

I give credit to my Ravelry friend,  Claire42, who suggested that I use a plastic envelope from the local stationary shop, Book Station. I cut it down to size to fit inside the the Filofax Flex, punched a few holes, then inserted an elastic through the insert,

 I am able to mimic the innards of a Traveler’s Notebook.

I slid the three notebooks through the elastics as you do with a regular Traveler’s Notebook inserts.

I’ve added my personal touch to this Traveler’s Notebook… a handknit book strap.

They are really quite easy to knit. All you need are a pair of 3mm knitting needles, approx 10g of sock yarn (perfect use of the leftovers!)

Cast on 8 sts, I used Green Elephant hand dyed sock yarn. 

 Knit in a moss stitch pattern of knit 1, purl 1 across the row. 

Turn your work to the wrong side then purl the knit stitches and knit the purl stitches. 

Continue in this moss stitch pattern until it is the length you require for your notebook. I made this one with a negative ease of 2.5cm

Cast off.  Sew the ends together and slide over our book cover.


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