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Mad about Hue

I needed a bit of colour in my life. So off to town to find some…

The first stop was The Pen Corner, where I purchased my first Caran d’Ache writing instrument. This bright red ballpoint pen is Swiss made and an absolute dream to write with. What’s the use of a pen without a new a new notebook?  I went for an A5 Rhodiarama, you gotta love the quality of Rhodia’s paper.

Then onto the next shop, This is Knit, a shop to get my fill of yarn fumes.  In my intoxicated state,  I purchased the next best thing to yarn, Mad Colour, a collection of bold, bright and modern knitting patterns by Tin Can Knits.

I’ve decided to  blend my madness for knitting  and journaling into one long term project. I’m making it my goal to knit every pattern from this book and track my progress in a new Bullet Journal.

There’s one last shop to visit… Article, a gift shop that never ceases to amaze me. 

I couldn’t resist one more notebook purchase, a brilliant yellow notebook by Mark’s Tokyo Edge. There’s a zipped pocket to keep my stuff and things.

It’s even the perfect size to slide my smartphone and still be able to swipe  through the plastic pocket to access the phone.

I’m delighted with my purchases and a new knitting and journaling adventure.


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