Is planner peace possible?

I may have found planner peace at last. Keeping a work life schedule is an obsession with me. I need an old fashioned agenda to keep track of my all shifts and socials.

I love the selection of Mark’s Tokyo Edge Colours planners in Article and a silver hued A6 planner is currently my everyday carry (EDC).  

There is a month on 2 pages layout…

and a week on 2 pages view for each week from September 2017 to December 2018.

I like having a bit of space to jot a few notes along the side and the top of each day.

The paper is very smooth, however, when I put pen to paper…

There is definitely strike through and ghosting on the other side of the page.The jury is still out on whether I consider this a perceived imperfection.

For the moment, this type of agenda/calendar/planner works for me and I love signature feature of the Mark’s Inc. brand, a zippered pocket at the front.

2 thoughts on “Is planner peace possible?

  1. I have the A5 version of this and I find it fantastic! I chose A5 because I work in Higher Education and I need a bit more space on my weekly schedule, but I don’t like the 1-day/page system. The layout of these planners are very compact, yet comprehensive and practical. Thank you for sharing your review :))


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